QUILts Of Love:   Patterns and Instructions
Applique - tulip - stitch in the embroidery  hoop.   In .hus format - 5 1/2 inch square.  
You might need to enlarge the size to fit your hoop.    Click here to download design.
Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
Quilts of Love is a volunteer project at Trinity Baptist Church in Keystone Heights, FL.    
Ladies meet each month to obtain fabrics and patterns to make lap size quilts to give to
anyone in the community that has a health issue or just needs a quilt to comfort them for
whatever they are going through.  Below are some patterns used.    The finished quilt size
are 42-44 inches wide and 48 - 50 inches long.
Ellen Mason - 1-2012

Using assorted printed 100% cotton fabrics, this makes a beautiful quilt.

Assorted printed scraps and one yard solid fabric.

1.        Cut fabric into 7 ½ inch squares.
2.        Take one print square and one solid fabric - place right sides together and stitch around all edges.
3.        Using a rule and rotary cutting instrument — cut the square diagonally.  Unfold and press.
4.        Take each half and cut diagonally again – making 4 pieces.  Unfold and press.
5.        Place squares on a flat surface and arrange into a windmill pattern.
6.        Stitch pieces together making a 9 ½ inch quilt block.     See drawings.

                                Combine squares                                              Stitched all sides




  Cut diagonal                                             Second cut                                  Place cut squares together




Approx. Sizes:

Cut - 7 1/2" square        Finished - 9 1/2" Square
      8  l/2"                                   10 ½"
      9 ½"                                     11-12"