Prayer Quilt Ministry
Quilts of Love
What is a "quilt of love".   It is a quilt made by a quilter's/sewer's loving hands and cares for individuals
or families that are in a health crisis.   During each step of construction, prayers are said for the recipient -
from cutting the fabrics to the final process of tying yarn or embroidery threads.

Anyone can participate.   You just need to be willing to give some of your time in this ministry.   Usually a
monthly workshop is held at a local church -- any denomination.

Who receives a "quilt of love"?   Anyone or any family that is going through a health  crisis and is willing
to receive a quilt.   It can be a woman, man, youth or child.    Also, the recipient or family can not pay for
the quilt.   This is a quilt of love, but the main emphasis is PRAYER.   Whenever someone visits the
recipient (s)  a prayer is said and then a new knot is tied in the yarn/embroidery threads.

Any quilt pattern can be used and made into a lap size quilt.  Below is a beginner's quilt pattern that can
be used.   It is easy and quick.  
She layeth her hands to the spindle, and her hands hold the distaff.   She stretcheth out her hand to
the poor;  yea she reacheth forth her hands to the needy.        Prov.  31:19    KJV
                           QUILTS OF LOVE INSTRUCTIONS

Finished size - approximately 36" X 48"


All fabrics and notions should be 100% cotton
   3/4 yard - No. 1 (solid color)
   3/4 yard - No. 2 (print)
   1 ½ yards backing fabric (usually 200 thread count muslin)                            
   1 ½ yards cotton batting - (Warm and Natural is best)
           or flannel can be used for batting
   Purchased quilt coordinating color quilt binding
   1 skein No. 5 embroidery thread
   large eye needle
   construction thread
   basic sewing kit
   sewing machine - in good working condition


1.        Prepare fabrics:   laundry and iron all fabrics - use some spray starch.  
2.        Fold fabric with selvages together and trim.    You will not include the selvage in a block.
3.        Even up fabric and trim the ends.
4.        Cut fabrics:   No. 1 and No. 2 – in 6 ½ inch strips.   Cut across the folded fabrics.
5.        Alternating the strips ( No. 1, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2) — stitch together until you have 6 strips stitched  together.          
Group 1 (panel)
6.        Then the next group start with: ( No. 2, 1, 2, 1, 2, 1) until you have 6 strips stitched together.
Group 2 (panel)
7.        Cut  4 strips of each group panels.  
8.        Press (not iron) seams to one side.
9.        Cut all group panels into 6 ½ inch strips.
10.        Set machine stitch setting to 2.5 length.   All seam width to be 1/4 inch.
11.        Take a strip from group panel 1 and pin a strip from group panel 2 together (right sides together) and
stitch together.   Be sure that seams match.   
12.        Continue stitching strips together using all the strips.
13.        When completed, the quilt top should be in a checker board pattern.  
14.        Press all seams to one side.


1.        On a large surface, place the backing fabric right side down.   Use masking tape on the edges to keep the
fabric in place.   This should be larger than the quilt top.
2.        Place the flannel (or a light weight quilt batting) on top the backing.   Smooth out the flannel but do not
stretch it.   This should also be larger than the quilt top.
3.        Place the finished quilt top on top of the flannel (batting)-centering it.   Working from the center out, pin all
layers together.      Stitch some machine quilting - method, your choice.
4.        Thread the large eye needle with 18 inches of yarn or embroidery thread.   Starting in the center, start tying
the quilt together in optional places.   Leave a 3 - 4 inch tail on some  for future knots.    It looks better with 4
strains of embroidery threads.
5.        When finished, trim the edges of the quilt and apply the quilt binding to the edges - OR - when trimming,
leave the backing 3 inches larger and the batting 1 inch larger than the quilt top.  Fold backing and batting over
the top edge of quilt top creating a border an stitch on the edge as though it was a binding.
6.        Upon completion, make a final tie and pray for the recipient.
7.        Stitch a Prayer Quilt label to the back (lower corner) of the quilt.
8.        Attach a laundry instruction card with a safety pin.
9.        Return the finished Prayer Quilt to the group leader.        

Ellen Mason
Ellen Mason - JOY Designs