Franklin Graham's  SAMARITAN'S PURSE
Filled shoe boxes of love

This is your opportunity to share the life changing message of John 3:16 to children and their families in other countries all over
the world.
I am asking for volunteers to help make these  Love Teddy Bears and send them to my church (address below) which is a relay center for
the shoe box gifts.  The
Love Teddy Bear design (size 105 X 140mm) is made in the hoop using different scraps of fabrics and use any  
thread color.   Instructions are below.    Click on the
Love Teddy Bear to download the design in .hus and .pes  format.   You do not have to
stuff the bears ---- just trim the edges, leave them flat for mailing.   I will have a group of ladies to stuff them and stitch the back together for
                                              LOVE TEDDY BEARS FOR GIFTS
                                                         by Ellen Mason - 9/2007

For embroidery machine:

Using large hoop, select a small print scrap and hoop with a cut away stabilizer.   You do not have to remove this stabilizer.
Stitch out the face and the words "God (heart) You" - through color change number 3 ( stitch outline of TB).
Stop the machine ----
do not un-hoop the fabric.
Remove hoop from embroidery arm and turn it over to see the back side.
Place a scrap of fabric over the top part of the Teddy Bear making sure that it goes below the words.
With another scrap - fold down one edge and place it over the Teddy Bear at the top of the words.
Secure the scraps by using some fabric glue around the outside of the Teddy Bear - make sure that the fabric lays flat.
Return hoop to the embroidery arm and continue stitching.
Upon completion, remove from hoop, apply some Fray Chek, allow to dry then trim around edges leaving about 1/4 inches from
stitching - do not cut any stitching.
Insert some fibre fill in the back opening and then finger stitch together for closing.

All of these little Teddy Bears sent to my church will be donated to Franklin Graham's "Operation - Christmas Child" project.
MAILING INSTRUCTIONS:   Place the trimmed Love Teddy Bears in a padded type large mailing
or a box  and send to:

                Ellen Mason - Diane Michel
                Operation Christmas Child
                Trinity Baptist Church
                P. O. Box 1099
                Keystone Heights, FL    32656

If you have any questions, please contact me at:    
Front and Back
Click on front view to
download in .hus
To make 2 Teddy Bears using
a large hoop - click on image to
download in the .hus format.
   Teddy Bear Bookmarks

Make small Teddy Bear bookmarks
for the shoe box ministry.

Stitch 5 in one hooping.
Instructions:    Cut a piece of Cut Away to fit the large hoop.    Cut a piece of fabric (small print or solid color) and place on
top of the stabilizer.    Hoop together and stitch the face and the wording.    Stop the machine.    Slide a piece of coordinating
fabric underneath the hoop --- right side down.    Stitch the final satin edges.    Apply some Frey Chek to the edges --- allow to
dry and then trim.   Take care and do not cut stitching.     With a large eye needle ---- insert  a length of yarn or narrow ribbon
and inset through the top of the head.    Tie to secure the wool/ribbon.    Leave a 3 - 4" ribbon tail.