Miss Ellen's Sewing Class
Each month I teach a class in my home.  We meet at 10:00 AM - break for lunch - and
continue until???   I teach a technique, embroidery an item or make something.   The ladies
are at different levels of sewing and we have loads of fun --- wish you could join us, but .....
since you can't, below is the instructions for this month's class.    If you have any questions,
please email me ---- link is below.  
                                             MISS ELLEN’S SEWING CLASS
                                       CLASS NO.  48 - HOT ROLL SERVER
                                                       MARCH - 2011

A wonderful gift item.  This is a project to test your skills. Embroidery and put together 3 circles of fabric to make pockets for
rolls, biscuits, etc.  Dress up your table for special occasions.


3 - 14 inch square white linen or comparative fabrics
Cotton edging approx ¾ inch wide
Optional - ribbon for tying
Or 2 sets of snaps
Wing needle
Tear Away stabilizer - paper tissue type
Fabric marking pen
Sewing machine with embroidery accessories
Bobbin thread
Spray starch
Basic sewing kit
Spray starch
Favorite embroidery flower design of your choice (SIZE 60 x 70mm)
Or --- use provided embroidery design
Threads:  embroidery threads (size 40) colors your choice for the design
One spool each size 40 and size 30(optional) - ecru (off white) embroidery thread.


Make a paper pattern --- draw all the lines.   See drawing below.

Spray starch (2-3 times) and iron fabric pieces.   A firm fabric will stitch better.  Fold and finger press the 3 fabric pieces into

Trace the pattern onto each piece of fabric. Be sure the pattern is centered on fabric.  Do not cut fabric.

ON FABRIC NO. 1 - using  the embroidery template, mark three sections center points for embroidery.  Mark the stitching  lines
on each square of fabric for candlewick (directions below) or decorative stitching  -  following the pattern.

ON FABRIC NO. 1 - EMBROIDERY DESIGNS FIRST - on one piece of fabric - using Tear Away under the fabric - hoop together,
line up the center point of the design and stitch.  Embroidery the other  two areas.   Stitch the candlewick or a decor stitch on
the drawn line.

ON FABRIC NO. 2 - CANDLE WICKING -  SET UP MACHINE FOR REGULAR SEWING - using a B or open toe foot  or a
candlewick foot,  keep Tear Away on back of fabric.  Program candlewick instructions (for D-1) are below.  Stitch on the marked
line.   Stitch a scallop edge stitch on the edge line.

ON FABRIC NO. 3 -  Do the same as on Fabric No. 2 – or do a built in decorative stitch.

EDGES – Edges can be finished as you prefer.   1.) Do a simple satin stitch edge.  2.) Stitch a scallop satin edge with your
built in stitches.  3.)  Apply a lace edge.    Use the drawn edge line made with a fabric pen.  

Pin the lace edging on the drawn cutting line.  Using the wing needle and size 40 - ecru embroidery thread, select stitch  D-7
and attach lace to the fabric.   At the indention places, pinch the lace for stitching and on the rounded scallop line push lace to
gather a little for laying smooth.

Stitch the lace edging on the other 2 pieces of fabric OR finish to your preference.

Apply some Fray Chek and trim the fabric close to the stitching --- taking care not to cut stitching.  Clip where necessary.   

Place fabric circles 1 and 2 right sides together - centering and stitch on the drawn section lines.  Start at the outside and stitch
toward the center.  It could be stitched with a decorative stitch.

Place the 3rd piece of fabric underneath the other two --- making sure they are centered together.  Fold the top layer back and
pin.   Stitch the 2nd and 3rd layers together in the center of each section.   Begin at the outer edge and stitch about 2 inches
toward the center.

Attach ribbon at the dot marks or sew snaps/hook, eyes at the marked places.   Trim off excessive fabric and threads.


Candlewick is an old fashion embroidery technique using heavy thread (early American ladies actually used candlewick yarn)
and doing French knots.  Try this machine technique on a simple design lines.  Below are instructions on programming in the
D-1.  It’s best to use a candlewick foot or a B foot.

Turn on machine and press PROG.
 Empty a Memory slot
 A  2  0.0 L
 A  2  0.0 L
 A  2  0.0 L
 C 22  -1 elg  0.0 L 2.5 W
 A  2  0.0 L
 A  2  0.0 L
 A  2  0.0 L
 A  2  1.0 L
 A  2  1.0 L
 A  2  1.0 L
 A  2  1.0 L
 Press  REP.



Fold fabric into fourths.    Place pattern on fabric matching the center point and folds.    Draw stitching lines on  fabric on the
scallop lines.  Do not cut.   Draw candlewick or décor stitching lines and place a large X or a large dot where the center is for
the design.   Do all 3 pieces of fabric.    Place a dot on the space where the decor stitches will be.   This will be placement for
the snaps/ribbon.   Final size should be 12 inches.