Ellen Mason - 1/2003


4" X 8" piece tulle/netting
1 - 9"X12" piece white Organza or Batiste or any sheer fabric
1 - 8"X6" piece white Batiste
1 - 4" square piece cotton fabric - solid color your choice
Easy Tear stabilizer
Stitch n Ditch stabilizer
1 spool Ivory embroidery thread - or color of your choice
Bobbin thread
Machine with embroidery unit and hoop for stitching size 130mm
Basic sewing kit
OPTIONAL - 10" pc. narrow ribbon

PROCEDURE:   (Please print instructions and read throughly before beginning stitching)

1. Make a small tulle or netting pillow — filled with favorite scent.

2. Make backing with a 8" X 6" piece of batiste.   Cut into  two pieces - size 4" X 6".   Hem the 6"
side by turning under 1/2" twice.     See drawing No. 1

3. Set up machine for embroidering.

4. Select embroidery design.  Note: always stitch out a sample of the design.

5. Hoop the larger piece of sheer fabric with a piece of Easy Tear stabilizer or a light weight tear away
type stabilizer.

6. Attach hoop with fabric on to the embroidery arm.

7. Take a 4" piece of solid fabric and Stitch n Ditch stabilizer and slide UNDER the hooped fabric.

8. NOTE: Even though the design has color changes, stitch the design in one color.  The color changes
were programed in for the purpose of “stopping the Machine� to remove the hoop/fabric to cut
away excess fabrics underneath.

9. Stitch the heart.  The machine will single stitch the  heart shape 3 times.
10. When the machine stops for a color change ---- slide the hoop/fabric from the arm ---- DO NOT
scissors - trim away excess solid color fabric and Stitch n Ditch underneath the hoop.  Trim close to
stitching, but do not cut any stitches.
11. Re-attach hoop/fabric and continue stitching the embroidery design.

12. DO NOT REMOVE HOOP/FABRIC FROM ARM - place the 2 pieces of backing over the
embroidery in the hoop.  Carefully place each piece (right side down) under the  machine foot.  The two
hem sides should overlap one inch. See drawing No. 2

13. Make sure that the backing is centered over the embroidery and right side down.

14. Stitch together.  This is color number 3 — a single stitch will stitch around all sides.  This will attach
the back to the front.

15. Remove hoop/fabric from the embroidery arm.  Remove fabric from hoop.

16. Trim off all excess fabric and stabilizer leaving at least 1/2" seam.   Trim edges across corners.   See
drawing No. 3

17. Turn right side out through the overlap back opening.

18. Push seams and corners to shape.  Press lightly with the embroidery faced down on  towel.

19. Insert scent pillow.

20. Optional ---- stitch a piece of ribbon to one corner if  the sachet is to be placed on a hanger.
No. 1
No. 2
No. 3
No. 4