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Measure your Bible/Prayer Book
cover front edge around to the back
edge.  A book measurement of 5 ½"
Wide X 8" height X 1 l/1" thick
will be used for example only.


1/3 yd. linen, demin or poplin
1 pc. 9" X 13" cotton or poly/cotton fabric for lining
iron on felt
Trim - piping (purchased or make your own), lace or eyelet
40 Sulky embroidery threads
30 Sulky embroidery threads
Bobbin thread
Poly/cotton sewing thread


1. Cut and prepare fabric for construction.  See cutting diagram.
2. Hem one side of inside pockets.   Drawing No. 2.
3. Place a pocket on each end of the lining and baste in place.  Drawing No. 3.
4. Make carrying handles.  Fold strips length wise and stitch.  Turn and press with
seam in the center ( not on edges).  Drawing No. 4.
5. Embroidery the outside panel using the CrLily design.  Note: A monogram or another
embroidery design can be stitched at this point.  Drawing No. 5.
6. Apply iron on felt to wrong side of cover.
7.   Make an outside pocket.  Hem or add trim on one long edge.  Pin and stitch on cover
and then stitch 1" from one side to insert a pen/pencil.   Drawing No. 6.
8. Baste stitch a trim (your choice) around edges of cover.
9. Pin carrying handles in place and then baste.
10. Place right side of lining to the right side of cover.
11. Stitch around all sides, but leave an opening for turning.
12. Trim corners and seams.
13. Turn right side out and press.

Insert Monogram