Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                            Class No. 47 - Folded Star Hot Pad
                                                 By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                             October, 2010

Keep Christmas in mind when creating this project.   A real neat technique of folding fabric
and creating a star block.    Make several to give for gifts.  This is a hand sewing project.

SUPPLIES:  This will make more than one hot pad.

½ yds. of 5 different Christmas fabrics:   1-red; 1-green; 1 green print; 1 red print; 1-
1/4 yd.  cotton batting
For each hot pad - 32 inches eyelet trim
For one hot pad - wicker paper plate holder
Coordinating sewing thread
Hand sewing needles
Basic sewing kit
Optional - sewing machine
Iron and pad
Hot glue and gun


1.        Prepare fabrics.    Cut into 5 inch strips (5 X 44 inches).    Then fold the strips
(length wise) and press.    Cut strips into 5 inch pieces.     You will have 5 inch square
2.        Cut 2 - 10 inch square muslin blocks.
3.        Fold one muslin block into fourths and press.   This is the backing.
4.        With the color fabric for the center - begin folding 4 triangles.    See pictures.
5.        Place the triangle point at the center of the muslin.  Pin and baste stitch long edge
to the backing.
6.        Place the remaining 3 triangles and baste stitch to the backing.
7.        Take the printed squares and fold into triangles.
8.        Place the triangle point over the previous row — at least ½ inch from the center
folded seam.  You will need 8 triangles.
9.        Pin in place and baste stitch the long edge to backing.
10.        Next row - use solid color fabric.
11.        Continue making triangle pieces and placing as previous rows until four rows of
triangles are placed.
12.        Trim to an 8 inch circle ---- make sure the center is in correct place.
13.        Attach a layer of batting to the wrong side of star.    
14.        Attach a piece of print - right side down then batting and place star on top.  
Baste    together.   Trim to 8 inches.
15.        Place hot pad in the wicker plate holder and hot glue to secure.
16.        Hot glue the eyelet time around the edges of the star hot pad.

Ellen Mason
JOY Designs - 12/2000