Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                            Class No. 46 - Mylar Embroidery        
                                              By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                             May, 2010

This is a really neat technique.    Use Mylar to bring out some sparkle in the special
digitized designs.     Keep Christmas in mind when stitching out the design.


Purchased blouse, sweat shirt, T shirt, etc.
Embroidery threads
Bobbin thread
Water soluble stabilizer
Machine with embroidery accessories
   Hoop for 120 X 120 design
Basic sewing items
Color Mylar for wings and leaf
Opal color Mylar for lily.
Downloaded design


1.        Set up machine for embroidery.
2.        Insert design floppy (or USB stick) into machine.
3.        Hoop a piece of Solvy or water soluble stabilizer and spray with some fabric glue.
4.        Attach hoop to the embroidery arm.
5.        Mark blouse (or item) for placement.
6.        Place blouse on the hooped stabilizer — make sure that the placement marks line
up with the marks on the hoop.
NOTE:   change threads when the machine indicates it.
7.        Stitch the stems and the dragonfly legs.
8.        When the machine stops for a thread change, stitch the first outline for the wings
then  lay a piece of Mylar in the wings area and continue to stitch.  Remove any excess
9.        Change thread color – stitch the head and body of the dragonfly.
10.        After stitching the dragonfly, the machine will stitch an outline of the large leaf.   
Then lay a piece of Mylar over the outline stitch and continue to stitch the leaf.    Remove
excess Mylar.
11.        Use the same procedure for stitching the lily.   Stitch the outline - place a piece
of Mylar down then proceed to stitch the lily.  
13.        Cut all jump threads and remove some of the stabilizer.
14.        Laundry the item using luke warm water, on gentle cycle.   Dry on low heat.    If
needed, press on the wrong side using a pressing cloth and warm iron.

Ellen Mason
Ellen Mason
JOY Designs - 12/2000