Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                                                     Class No. 44 -Fingertip Pot Holder        
                                                                                               By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                                                       October, 2009
This lesson is on making fingertip pot holders to use on hot pot handles and hot bowls in the Microwave.    A very
good item for Christmas gifts to cooking friends.

    (This will make one fingertip pot holder.)  
    Use all cotton materials    

1 pcs. - 10 X 11" print fabric
1 pcs. - 10 X 11" solid fabric
    NOTE:   the pot holder can be made completely
    with solid colored fabric)
1 pcs. - 10 X 11"Thin batting - cut 2 pocket pieces and
     one large pad.
1 pcs. - 10 X 11" Insulbrite - cut one large pad piece.

OPTIONAL:           A small design can be embroidered on a solid color fingertip pad.    If so,   you will need:  
embroidery threads and bobbin thread and a design of your choice.
Construction thread and filled bobbin
Machine and embroidery accessories, large hoop
Sewing accessories
Download,  print out and cut out pattern.


1.    If stitching a design on solid colored pocket,   set up machine for embroidery and stitch the design before any
2.    For using print fabric:    Place one print and one solid color pocket (wrong sides together), and put bias binding
over the straight cut edge.   Stitch in place and trim.   Do both pockets.
3.    Insert thin batting - trim if necessary - pin all layers together.
4.    Put together one thin batting and one solid colored fabric - baste stitch together.
5.   Place pockets on solid colored fabric and pin — baste together.
6.   Put together one print fabric pad piece (wrong side) and one insulbrite piece – baste together.
7.   Put together the print fabric (right side) and the solid fabric with the pockets on the print fabric.   Baste together  
– leave a 2 inch opening for turning.
8.   Check to make sure that after you turn right side out, that it has a print pad and 2 pockets on the back side for
fingers and thumb.
9.   Sew a final stitch with a regular length stitch - leave an opening.  Turn and stitch the opening together.  

Fingertip Pot Holder Pattern

Use all cotton materials.