Class No. 43 - Fall Table Runner        
                                                           By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                        September, 2009

Be your own designer.    Decorate for a beautiful fall - make a Fall Table Runner.   This could be a reversible
runner by using a Christmas print for the back - see below.

½ yard solid color fabric
3/4 yard fall (or Christmas) small print for lining/border
Tear Away stabilizer
Fall colors embroidery threads
regular construction thread
bobbin thread
Machine and embroidery accessories, small and large hoop
Sewing accessories
Fall embroidery designs

METHOD:        For table runner

1.        Set up machine for embroidery.   Use embroidery thread.
2.        Trim solid fabric to 16" X 40"
3.        Trim print fabric to 20" X 44"
   (Note:   determine your own table runner size – a 2" border is preferable.)
4.        Select designs.   Mark designs placement on solid color fabric where ever you desire.
5.        Hoop stabilizer and fabric.   
6.        Embroidery all the designs.   Some of the designs could be applique.
7.        When completed – press on the wrong side.
8.        Place print fabric on a table – right side down.   Then place the embroidery piece on top with the
embroidered side up.   Pin together.    If necessary, trim so that there will be a 2" excess of print all around the top
9.        Fold the excess print (border) over the edges of the top piece and pin in place.    Do a beveled fold at the
10.        Select a decorative stitch and hem the border.     

OPTIONAL:   For reversible Table Runner

Instead of using a print for the back — use another solid color fabric and embroidery some Christmas designs.   
Upon completion, place wrong sides together and overlock the edges.