Miss Ellen’s Sewing Class
                                           Class No. 41 - Recipe Cards Holder        
                                                By Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                                  June, 2009
This lesson will help you to be more creative.    Select a design of your choice, or stitch a
monogram and decide what size cards you wish to use.   Download designs from a web site.  
This will make a wonderful gift for a cooking friend.


Download and print recipe cards on card stock  from:
Download the free Apple Basket design for this lesson  from: www.joydesigns.org
If you select not to print your own cards – then purchase
      a package of index cards or recipe cards.
Optional:  Purchase one package of photo protection film – the size
      to fit your cards.
2 - 3 book rings – the type that opens
1/4 yard heavy fabric
Cut Away stabilizer
           For a stiffer holder, insert TimTex between fabric layers.
Embroidery threads for your design
Bobbin thread
Machine with embroidery accessories - also, large hoop.
Basic sewing supplies.

METHOD:    (for this class, use the design from my web site and the 4 X 6 size cards)

1.        Sew up machine for embroidery.
2.        Select the design – your choice.
3.        Determine the finished size of holder — it should be one inch larger than card, i.e., a
4 X 6 card should have a 5 X 7 holder.
4.        Cut stabilizer and one layer of fabric and place in large  hoop.
5.        Embroidery center design and “My Recipes”  –  then stop the machine.
6.        Stitch one time around the edge of the holder.   Do not remove stabilizer.  Remove
hoop (do not turn the machine off) apply some fabric glue and place the TimTex inside the
7.        Place another piece of fabric under the hoop.
8.        Continue embroidering the satin edge and the eyelets.
9.        Upon completion, apply some seam sealant – allow to dry — then trim close to satin
edges.  Punch holes inside the eyelets.    
10.        Repeat the procedure – making the back.   But it is not necessary to stitch a design.
11.          Insert rings and your recipe cards.          

Ellen Mason - JOY Designs