CLASS NO. 22 - Part 1-2 EMBELLISHED VEST
                                                 by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs
                                                               April - 2006

All class members deserve to make something special for themselves. So, this class is making
a vest and embellish it — this will take 2 class sessions. Part No. 1 is working on the vest
fronts ---- Part No. 2 is embellishing the back.  It is MANDATORY for all class members to
embroidery your first name on the right shoulder area.


Purchase a vest pattern from your favorite company – select a simple design.
Main fabric — denim, trigger, poplin or comparative weight. Color: a shade of blue.
Lining — some type of country print — your choice.
Notions for construction according to pattern.
1/8 yd. - Lorelie printed fabric. This fabric has a comical lady with different sewing items in her
arms, hands, etc. — cut out figures for appliqué – leave 1/4" around the print. If this print is
not available in your area, it can be ordered from Erica’s at:


Machine, embroidery unit and accessories and all machine feet.
Assorted colors embroidery threads.
Bobbin thread
Construction thread and a filled bobbin
Tear Away stabilizer
Basic sewing items
Sewing type designs from 3 choices: Your file, OR go to: annthegran.com and download
several free designs (be sure you send a “thank you” note to the digitizer). You also can
download designs from my New Designs page.


1. Prewash, dry and iron both pieces of fabric using a spray starch.
2. Cut out vest pieces from pattern envelope according to your size.
3. Cut out the main vest pieces. If fabric is light weight, you might want to use a light weight
iron-on interfacing to the wrong side.   Lining will be cut out later.
4. Cut out the Lorelie prints leaving 1/4" border ---- the number is your choice.   There will
only be one for the class vest.
5. Cut out one heart of each size — see drawing/pattern.
6. Apply Heat n Bond to the appliqué pieces. 7. Determine where you want to place the
appliqués. NOTE: Leave the right shoulder area for embroidering your first name.
8. Set up machine for embroidering. If you have a Designer 1, or a machine that has a built in
monogram feature, program in your first name.   Size - your choice.
9. Stitch your name.
10. Place the Lorelie print on the vest (I placed mine on the left shoulder) and press in place.
11. Remove the embroidery unit and set your machine for an appliqué stitching. This can be
stitched with a satin stitch or a stitch that is built in for appliqué.
12. Stitch around the appliqué piece using a coordinated color of thread.  Upon completion,
embroidery the words “I Love Sewing”.
13. Print out a template of the design to help with proper placement.
NOTE:   This is your vest so place the designs and appliqués as you desire.
14. Place the cut out hearts in position as you desire and press in place.
15. Use a decorative built in stitch around the hearts.  If you wish, you could add some lace or
eyelet around the hearts.
16. Continue embroidering sewing designs in different places on both front vest pieces.


Embroidery the vest back placing designs and appliqués wherever you wish.    Finish the vest
according to the pattern instructions.


Ellen Mason - 6/2006