LESSON NO. 15 - BELL PULL
                                                     by Ellen Mason - JOY Designs - 4/2005

The techniques in this lesson are:  using a Mega hoop.   Please adjust for your largest hoop.   I have digitized two
items for you.  For the “Footprints” design, the complete design can be downloaded and stitched.   But for the
“Welcome - pad”, I have customized the lettering and the frogs were added from Annthegran’s web site - a link is
below.  If you have your own frogs, I encourage you to be creative and use them.


Machine with all accessories and the embroidery unit, and the Mega Hoop or largest hoop.
Basic sewing kit.
Stabilizers: 1 pc - 11" X 22" Cut Away  -medium weight.  OR light weight fleece.
Threads: Regular sewing thread to match the print fabric.   Bobbin thread.   Embroidery threads according to
selected designs.
If you are using your own frog designs, please use the suggested colors
Needles:   Universal 80
1 pc. - 11" X 22" even weave fabric, i.e., muslin or weaver’s cloth
1 pc. - 11" X 22" print fabric - color to match your decor
1 yard each – 3 different coordinating ribbons – 1 color 1/2" wide; 2 color 1/4" wide
1 pc. - 8" long dowel — 1/4" in diameter
Blue fabric marking pen.

Designs downloaded from www.joydesigns.org    (On the New Designs page).  Also, frog designs downloaded from
www.annethegran.com - please send a “thank you” note to the designers.


1.        Prepare fabric.  Spray starch and press.
2.        Set up machine for embroidering.
3.         If you have not used your large hoop, please read the instruction manual.
4.        Some large hoops may have some special clips that will keep the hoop together.
5.        On a flat surface, hoop the stabilizer and even weave fabric together.   Make sure the hoop is secure.  For
this large piece, use some fabric spray adhesive on the stabilizer.
6.        Select designs.  
7.        Attach hoop to the embroidery arm — position # 2 or the center.
8.`        Follow the instructions that appear on the machine display or the manufacturer’s manual.
9.        When one section has finished embroidering, then you will be instructed to change the hoop position.  Please
follow instructions on machine display.
10.        Continue until the embroidery is finished.
11.        Remove from machine and cut all jump threads - top and bottom.
12.        Remove embroidery piece from the hoop.
13.        DO NOT cut away the stabilizer/fleece ---- this will be a light padding.                
14.        Trim the embroidery piece to 8" across and 19" length with the design centered across.   Do not trim the top
and bottom of the embroidered piece.   
15.        Place the embroidery piece on top of the print – wrong sides together – and one inch from the sides and the
16.        Beginning at the bottom — pin the one inch print over the bottom and fold the print to make a ½ inch trim.  
Pin several times to keep it secure.
17.        Do the same on both sides.   If you wish you may miter the corners.
18.        At the top, there should be about a 3" - 4"  excess.    Fold down to make a 1 1/2" - 2" top border/trim.
19.        Fold in all raw edges.
20.        Pin securely.
21.        Remove the embroidery arm from machine and set machine up for regular sewing.  Thread machine and
bobbin with regular sewing matching thread.
22.        Use a clear foot if available and stitch 1/2" - 3/4" seam across the top.  This will be a casing for the dowel.  
(Look at picture to see the finished bell pull.)
23.        Select an applique stitch, or a built-in decorative stitch of your choice and stitch all around the trim on the
inside edges.
24.        Take the ribbons and twist together making a rope.
25.        Place the twisted ribbon, 9" from the end,  just below the casing seam.  Stitch down.
26        Do the same on the other side of the bell pull.
27.        Take the 9" ends of the ribbons and fold into a bow and stitch down.
28.        A small ribbon rose can be applied to cover the center/stitching of the bow.