by Ellen Mason


1 pc. - 12" X 24" natural muslin, homespun or linen type fabric
1 pc. - 12" X 24" lining fabric
Iron-on interfacing
Tear Away stabilizer
Sulky threads - size 40, gold(yellow), green, dark brown, light brown
Bobbin thread
Size 90 embroidery needle
Air erasable pen
Irish designs from St. Pat's Day page
Decorative bell pull hanger or dowel with ribbon/cord for hanging


1. Prepare fabric: press fabric and then apply iron-on interfacing to the back.
2. Set up machine for embroidery.
3. Fold fabric into fourths and place a mark at the center.   (See drawing)
4. Using the large template, place the center hole over the center mark on the fabric.
5. Using an air erasable pen, mark the position points on the fabric.
6. Hoop fabric and Tear Away stabilizer in the large hoop.
7. Embroidery the poem "Irish Blessing".
8. Upon completion, remove from large hoop.
9. With a ruler, measure down 1 3/4" from the bottom of the last stitched line and
    place a dot at the center with the air erasable pen.
10. Center the small template over the marked center dot and mark the position points.
11. Hoop stabilizer and fabric in the small hoop.
12. Embroidery the decorative scroll.
13. When completed, remove from hoop.
14. At top ----- measure 1" above the first sentence and place a dot in the center with
   an air erasable pen.
15. Mark the position points using the template.
16. Embroidery the title "Irish Blessing".
17. After stitching, remove from hoop.
18. Measure up from title 2 ½" and mark a dot at center.  Mark the position points
   using the small template.
19. Using the small hoop, embroidery the Celtic Cross - use stabilizer.
20. After embroidery is completed, remove excess stabilizer and press the bell pull.

1. Measure the finished embroidered bell pull and trim to 8 ½" width.  At the
   bottom, measure 2 ½" down from the embroidered scroll and trim off excess.
2. Cut lining the same measurements.
3. With right sides together, stitch 3/8" seam around the sides and across the
4. Turn right side out and press.
5. At top, finish the edge with an overlocker or narrow hem.
6. Turn top down on the back side and stitch a casing large enough to insert a
7. Press.
8. Insert the decorative bell pull hanger or if using a dowel, attach a ribbon/cord
   to each end and tie.
< cross area
< title
< poem area
< scroll
center point >
Ellen Mason - copr. 2/2000
JOY Designs